In swedish please

This is the startpage of SDAX, your place for seriousness and fun. Click on an alternative in the top menu (Schack = Chess, Trav = Trotting). I'll tell more about myself in the blog (only in Swedish).

All pages run active content (flashplayer).You can choose to approve active content temporary or permanently from this site - else nothing will work!

The chesspage content is free, there it will exist homemade films about whatnot on chess! Also links.
On the chesspage it will be pop-up windows displaying the films either deriving from this site or downloadable from e.g. MediaFire, FileFront, YouTube or MegaUpload (they are commersially sponsored sites for unlimited storage of personal files)- allaw popups on this site temporary or permanently to get the chessfilms to work!

The trotting page contains an free demoversion of KjellBoy version 1.1, and an Pay-Subscription service to KjellBoy version 2. The program works great on surfmobiles whic has FLASH-player installed!Not true, for the moment!

The blog will maybe contain commersials!

Donera gärna pengar till mig för den goda sakens skull, pengarna kommer till god användning!

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