This is the start for my trotting section. New menuchoices exists for you at the top. Choose:

Kjellboy 1 demo to test version 1 of the bettinghelp -program. There is full function to it but it is not fully fledged in it's calculations. It is used for free and meant to give 'a taste' of the better - KjellBoy version 2.

KjellBoy 2 to go to the login page and subscribtion selection of KjellBoy version 2.
Some advantages with KjellBoy 2:
1. In KjellBoy 2 you express yourself in odds 10-999 payback on 10 (simplifyes the enterring of values)
2. Better calculations on your values (is of great importance)
3. Better design and effects (cosmetically improved for user friendliness)

*KjellBoy works great on webmobiles/PDA if you have Flash-player installed and thus it can be used at the trackside! FOR THE MOMENT THIS MIGHT NOT BE TRUE!*